Team Daubeney Ran the London Marathon!

Team Daubeney completed the London Marathon! What a brilliant day it was. The atmosphere was electric and the weather played ball; bright and sunny, but not too hot!

Final results:

Mr. Logan: 5:39

Mr. Dharma: 7: 22

Mrs. Taylor: 4: 08

Thank you all for your support!



Reading Half Marathon

As marathon day inches ever closer, Team Daubeney consolidated their training with another Half Marathon. This time it was the Reading Half Marathon, a (mostly) flat course with a great finish in the Reading football stadium. I certainly ran faster when we entered the stadium and saw everyone watching us and cheering us on!

A few photos:

Reading Half 1

Getting ready.

Reading Half 2.jpg

Finished! Keeping warm in our foil blankets.


Raj crossing the finish line in the football stadium.

Reading Half 3.jpg

We survived!

Another half in the bag.

5 weeks until marathon day…





Hampton Court Half-Marathon


With much grit and determination, Team Daubeney completed the Hampton Court Half-Marathon. I’m not sure that Mr. Logan and Mr. Dharma are still talking to me, but at least we’ve all proven that we can keep going when it gets tough and have 13.1 miles under the belt!

We just have to do this twice to complete a marathon. Should be easy then 😉


On the home run. As Mr. Logan would say, “Team work makes the dream work!”

T- 2 months until the London Marathon!